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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

polka dot overalls, please!

miami fashion blog
miami fashion blog
miami fashion blog
miami fashion blog
miami fashion blog
miami fashion blog

lately my nights have been sleepless, and my days too short. i think it may be due to my recent game of thrones addiction. usually everything fits into my schedule just fine, but now with an additional three hours of game of thrones, it is tough! i guess it's more reason for me to catch up to the present episodes already.

since miami is already in the 80's/90's during the day, i am pulling all of the stops. i still really adore overalls, and will be parading around in them all summer. i picked up this pair last year from keds, and i am glad i kept them around. i am on the hunt for a cute denim pair, but they all seem to fit me awkwardly so far. it's been surprisingly easy for me to throw on tee's lately, as long as they are not cotton, and are an extra thin material. it fees like this will be a summer full of laid back style. ♥

blouse: "pepaloves"
overalls: keds
shoes: LuLu's
hat: F21
sunnies: ZeroUV

Monday, April 28, 2014

sunny vintage saturday. ☼

i absolutely adore these boots, but they are the TOUGHEST to style. do you ever feel like certain shoes just make you look stumpy? something about the shape of them makes me feel shorter than i am, and while i adore the look of doc martens with dresses, i am always hesitant about trying it out on myself. i wanted to balance out how trendy the shoes are, so i paired them with one of my favorite floral vintage dresses. i felt a little bit out of my element still, but hey, fashion is supposed to be fun, so i'm okay with trying something new!

we roadtripped up to orlando this weekend because matt had a job on sunday, and i felt like tagging along. we met in orlando in 2009, so it was loads of fun re-visiting old places and seeing old faces. something about that city will always make me really nostalgic, but i am glad i moved on and moved away. i hope you all have a lovely monday, and are not too swamped with work =) xo!

dress: vintage (sold!)
bag: romwe
boots: Forever21
hat: Forever21

Friday, April 25, 2014

when miami spring style transforms into miami summer ♥

happy happy friday from this little miami blog! i am drinking my friday morning coffee getting ready to leave for work, as i'm sure a lot of you who are reading this are doing as well. isn't it funny how so many of us lead totally different lives, yet i am sure our routines are not so different. i think about that sometimes. everyone works. everyone loves. everyone eats. we all have similar issues, similar fears. it's somewhat comforting, isn't it?

i wore this outfit to work yesterday-- i take business casual to a new level. i know that "professional" spaces have tons of people in slacks and silky tops with pumps, but that just isn't ever going to be me. i am so grateful to be able to wear clothes that make me feel like myself every day! i thrifted these boots with my friend ella in NYC last month, and they are a quick fave ♥ hope your weekend is a good one!

blouse: insane jungle
skirt: romwe (old)
boots: vintage
bag: "pepaloves"
hat: vintage

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

scallops and mints ☼☼

as cliche as it may sound (coming from 1/2 of the web) i swapped out my fall/winter wardrobe in my closet and pulled out all of my spring/summer clothes that have been stored away for a few months this week! just recently, like within the last two years, i truly learned how to organize my closet. it definitely makes no sense having giant sweaters taking up space when it is 90 degrees outside, so now they live in a little bin in a storage closet until the air starts to have a little chill again. it's also really fun, because each year i forget about so many clothes that feel like new again when they are pulled out of storage-- like these shorts!

so, with the swap came lots of new colors! the only color i am lacking is a pale pink, so that is on my radar at the moment. do you have a favorite spring color? :) have a lovely wednesday! the weeks are just flying by!

sweater: j.crew
collar: mcculla and marley
shorts: "pepaloves" -- 2 years ago
shoes: CAT Footwear
hat/sunnies: vintage

Monday, April 21, 2014

pastel sprinkled donuts.

i must confess, t-shirts are not my favorite article of clothing to wear, and they make me feel really lazy when i wear them. until... the invention of the donut t-shirt. for a sweets obsessed maniac like myself, this one was a no brainer. with the arrival of the springtime and the florida heat, i have been pulling out all the fun colors that i hid away during the "winter months" (not the winter, because i can't pretend we have one here). even with a lack of seasons, i still crave seasonal colors! lavender is one of my go-to hues during the spring, and i recently added this AA hat to my wardrobe :) happy spring, happy monday!

t-shirt: Forever21
collar: Mcculla + Marley
skirt: Romwe
bag: Forever21
hat: AA
shoes: LeBunny Bleu

Thursday, April 17, 2014

a miami tale.

the past hour has sent this day in a downhill spiral, but i know that days like this just happen. i was exiting a parking garage in coconut grove after a lovely and relaxing hour and a half yoga class, and i was unaware that my two hour parking limit was up. the grumpy man in the parking garage told me i owed $1.50, and i explained to him nicely that i had no cash and asked if i could return tomorrow to bring some, or if he could let me slide on this one occasion. he said no, and insisted that i take out money from the ATM that charges a $3 charge for a $1.50 payment. but.. so is life. so i placed my phone in the cup holder of my car and took the money out.

little did i know, the styrofoam cup from my iced coffee earlier had broken and the coffee drowned my phone to its death. :( so, i am currently phoneless. these tiny blips in life-- it is so difficult to not let them kill your spirit. i had such a beautiful day (it was someones birthday in our office & we had cake, i did yoga next to one of my favorite girlfriends, tomorrow is friday) but when your overpriced piece of technology that 2/3 of your life depends on breaks, it is so hard to remember all of the happiness that the day was filled with. in the end i guess that is why money is money and happiness is happiness, and sometimes you just need to spend the money to fix the problem and remember that life is beautiful, and in the end your unfortunate luck will equal itself out. goodnight loves.

sweater: thrifted
collar: Mcculla + Marley
skirt: F21
bag: vintage
boots: vintage
hat: vintage

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

nautical ⚓⚓

if we're going to go for a sunset ride on a sailboat, i guess i have to wear a nautical style outfit ?! :) our friend works on a sailboat in key west and invited us. it was just lovely-- sipping red wine as the sun went down. i am still figuring out my new haircut, but realized i can still wear a beehive! it is actually quite easy to pin it up in the back and wear the bangs. does anyone with short hair out there have any styling ideas/tips? share away! have a lovely day. xo

blouse: Forever21
shorts: UO
shoes/scarf: vintage
bag: "pepaloves"
glasses: ZeroUV

Monday, April 14, 2014

a summer haircut !

cutting all of my hair off has been on my mind for a while, but i wanted to get married with long hair. on friday i made a spontaneous hair appointment and left with about ten inches of my hair gone! it feels amazing, and it is wonderful for beating the heat. i will probably add a few highlights soon, and keep it this length until i desperately miss my long hair. that usually happens eventually... but so far i have been loving adding a cute little bowler or boater hat to the hair do!

this weekend we headed down to key west to visit my best friend. it was hands-down the best two days i've had in a normal week in a while. we paddle boarded, went on a sunset sailboat ride, ate key lime pie and toured the Hemingway house! i know key west isn't too different from miami, but i gotta say i like the vibe there so much more than here. it's a laid back happier version of miami. i can't wait to visit again soon! hope you all had a lovely weekend. xo

dress: vintage
shoes: Lulu's
bag: Forever21
sunnies: ZeroUV 
hat: Forever21 (old)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

not a builder of buildings, a builder of collections.

from the second we got claude, we couldn't resist weenie dog things. kitchen towels, envelope holders, coffee mugs (basically everything dachshund anthro released last year), kate spade weenie plates, a thrifted statue and now this pattern. i just love her so much, and i love things that make me think of her. this shirt and i, we were meant to be. do you collect anything? i'm not sure if i could call this a collection, or an addiction. can't stop, won't stop :)

blouse: pepaloves
skirt: F21
shoes: vintage
bag: pepaloves

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