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I'm Steffy, and I live in my favorite place on earth, Long Beach NY with my two loves & our dachshund. In this space we share our adventures around NY, cozy days at home and tons of outfits! Grab a cup of coffee and lets get to know each other!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

halloween weekend!

this was the weekend i wait for all year long... halloween weekend! it has this lovely feeling to it. usually the air is starting to feel cool, the christmas lights are starting to be put up and all of the best holidays are right around the corner! it is such a hopeful time of the year for me. and, it is really fun! 

matty and i bikeroad to the beach. it was so lovely and breezy. then we stopped at this delicious place called my ceviche and ate quinoa ceviche on the lawn before going to a costume party! i have an extra funny costume for actual halloween, but decided to be a little spooky and go as a mental ward patient to the party! i pulled the photo from my instagram :)  only 3 days til' actual halloween. SPOOOOKY!

sweater: rare london
leggings: romwe
backpack/hat: vintage


Saturday, October 26, 2013

girlie tomboy. ♥

yesterday i spent the day at my parents house in my coziest new "vintage straight" jeans that i picked up this week. i was never open to loose fitting jeans, but i sort of love them. we started to stuff my wedding envelopes, and figure out more details for the bridal shower coming up! matt and i spent time with my brothers, had family dinner and had the honor of driving (and for me walking too!) past all of my moms favorite houses in her neighborhood. lol. the things we do on days off.. i also tried this delicious all natural pumpkin smoothie at this yummy place near my parents house called juicetaria. if you're ever in boca raton florida, it is a must!

i'm off to the beach for the afternoon, happy saturday! xo!

blouse: sheinside
pants: j.crew
hat: Pepaloves
shoes: j.crew
bag: Pepaloves

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

pumpkin pickin' bliss ♥

year # 3 at the little farm in homestead picking pumpkins with matty. every year i am shocked that i am still residing in miami (and that it is still 85 degrees at the end of october), but every year i am still really excited to be carrying on my moms tradition of carving a pumpkin! hopefully there's only 1 more year left of "fake autumn" until i get to spend a real one on NY! i told matt that i think i am going to shed a tear of happiness when we get to wear scarves and sweaters on our way to pick a pumpkin. it isn't a lie! anyway, i look forward to THIS day of pumpkin picking for 365 days of the year. it's hands down the best day of every year.

i found our pumpkin right away, this perfect round beauty! i decided to be silly and wear some cat tights. they were a halloween hit! i don't know if i can get away with them past oct. 31! we're putting together our costume this week ( & preparing for our engagement photos!) cant wait to share them all ♥

blouse: thrifted
skirt: romwe
bag: for sale in my store
tights: tabbisocks
shoes: vintage

Sunday, October 20, 2013

an almost halloween outfit!

for me, layering a vintage sweater over a vintage blouse with a cute collar feels like back to basics. i am so happy to have found this combination again. sometimes it feels amazing to just ignore all trends and stick to what you feel most comfortable in :) i finally had a chance to break away and thrift a few fall finds for myself, and i cannot wait to mix and match them all. plus, it is finally just windy enough to get away with some tights, like these lovely ones from tabbisocks! lately i have been not only craving pumpkin spice color, but also this sweet color pink. for some reason pairing light pink with pumpkin spice feels so warm and cozy to me!

matt is finally home from working on a job in the keys all week, and i couldn't be happier to have him back :) it is going to be a fun rest of the month. we have so many things coming up-- dinners and birthdays with friends, halloween, a weekend up north tasting food for our wedding with the caterer and of course my bridal shower!! nothing is better than things to look forward to, hope you have some too ♥

blouse: vintage
sweater: vinage
shorts: romwe
tights: Tabbisocks

Thursday, October 17, 2013

wedding questions 101: how did you address your invites? says that at 3 months until the big day wedding invites should be sent out. that leaves me with only about 25 days until i have to send out my invitations :) i know, it is coming up so quickly!! I had not put too much thought into how i wanted to address my invitations, but you bet now i am. at first i decided to get some quotes from calligraphers, but then after clicking around online i realized i could probably undertake the project myself!

to be 100% honest, not every invitation is perfect. some have minor mistakes, others are a little shaky, but you know what, they are personal! Every single invite has been touched and filled out by me. they take about 5 minutes per letter, and i am loving every second of doing it. i think it is the best decision i have made so far. there's so many nights i stay up until 2AM with a candle lit and jazz playing filling out my wedding invites. i will always cherish these moments. ♥

how did you address your invites? did anyone else write theirs themselves?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

little red slippers.

brunch at the Beach Drive Inn ♥ these are the times in life i cherish. i've been in a life rut this week. the thing about life that i find silly is that the times we love and cherish the most happen the least. why can't life be more about play and less about work? not that i don't love work... but i just want to be around family more ♥ and travel more ♥ and cook more ♥ ... and spend 20 hours on an art project whenever my creative energy inspires me to. life IS a lot about finding a balance, but lately i feel like i am missing the mark. 

how come those special moments when i am surrounded by everyone i love have to be so few and far between? does anyone else sometimes get in a huff about these realities too? or am i the only cry baby in town :)

blouse: vintage
suspenders: vintage
shorts: UO
shoes: j.crew
bag: vintage


Sunday, October 13, 2013

a date night roadtrip.

this week, matt and i happened to have two days off together, so we decided to spontaneously roadtrip up to tampa and go to busch gardens! in our 4 years of dating, we have never been to a theme park together. can you believe that? it was so fun unwinding and going on rollercoasters all day. needless to say, planning a short getaway filled with fun can really make you fall in love with your partner in crime all over again :)

after our theme park day we stayed at this adorable bed and breakfast called the beach drive inn in st. petersburg. the inn was right near some restaurants so we we walked to dinner at sunset and drank wine as a band played live music in the background at this cute place tryst. it was the best night in a long time. i wore this cute horse blazer that my friend gave to me! i love putting on a blazer for dinner, it can really dress up an outfit. well, i know lots of you have off monday, but i am working. wah. retail life. have a happy columbus day!

blazer: gift
shirt: vintage
shorts: UO
shoes: F21
bag: romwe
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